StafferLinkVMS offers a highly modularized healthcare-grade VMS which supports requisition-to-invoice processing for healthcare facilities and MSPs in an automated, seamless, timely, and compliant manner

Rapidly Scale & Configure

StafferLinkVMS supports Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Program Management Office (PMO) clients via its configurability capabilities which can be “copy/pasted” across multiple facilities for a PMO client expansion and/or across multiple clients for MSP to support business growth. It can also centralize data across facilities and clients for ease of transparency, reporting, and management purposes.

Why StafferLinkVMS?

Vendor Neutral

Tech-only company increases our clients’ and partners’ ROI


Configure and control the entire hospital system down to the individual shift to drive transparency

Modern Integrations

Integrate via API or file feed, in real-time or on a cadence, to collect and report data to drive decisions

Features & Benefits

Centralize Information and Processes to Manage Your Contingent Program

StafferLinkVMS provides the only vendor neutral and healthcare-grade VMS; Program Management Offices (PMOs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) alike can source, manage, and optimize their non-employee workforces in an automated and scalable fashion

Advanced Talent Pooling

StafferLinkVMS’s “Registry” functionality enables users to quickly populate, validate, review credentials, and confirm scheduling availability, which ensures alignment and rapid talent deployment between the client/MSP and the talent supply chain.

“StafferLinkVMS’s ‘Registry’ functionality has been a game changer for our per diem needs; specifically, we need quick deploy, credentialed, and skilled workers in a snap and the Registry helps us centralize and manage each data point we need in an easy to use and actionable way. We’ve changed our workforce mix because of the success of the program, which has helped us reduce annual contingent spend by over 15%.”

Senior Vice President, Procurement
Hospital and Health Care System in the Southeast

Seamless Order Management

Configure, automate, and scale your order management processes across facilities and clients. MSPs and PMOs alike can quickly configure a Master entity and unlimited sub entities (from Facility level down to an individual shift level) to collect, report, and manage highly granular information for enhanced order management decision making. Real-time Order creation at scale and quickly modify your supplier engagement pool and strategy in seconds as well.

Enhanced Time Capture

Collect time and expense information either manually, within the tool’s proprietary time capture functionality, or via API and/or file feed integrations with third-party solutions like Kronos, ADP, or others. Time and expense information can be exceptionally granular and presented in real-time, which helps clients and partners manage their budgeting and scheduling decisions.

Timely & Compliant Invoicing

Collect, store, report, and generate invoicing in real-time as a byproduct of system users approving timecards and expenses. Invoices can be generated on any cadence and shared with an unlimited number of stakeholders in a variety of different formats (e.g., CSV, PDF). System User Defined Field (UDF) correlations (e.g., location, facility, shift, weekend, etc.) are exceptionally configurable and quick to apply, resulting in highly granular invoices for compliant payment and auditing purposes.

Performance Connector

Users can create an unlimited number of User Defined Fields (UDFs) to build performance evaluations specific to certain jobs within a client’s program, and deploy them on any cadence to any number of stakeholders as needed to develop a robust, reportable evaluation data set on a per candidate basis. This information enhances alignment between the client and their talent supply chain which ultimately increases quality and overall program performance.

Floating Talent Pools

Providers and clients alike can choose to supplement their talent supply chain with existing internal float pool candidates. Internal candidates can self-serve in the tool by evaluating opportunities and submitting themselves to the hiring manager for review. This functionality reduces the need for external resources and associated cost, and develops an ongoing “sticky” talent community of workers for the client to engage in a rapid and equally compliant manner.

Contingent Workforce Intelligence

StafferLinkVMS allows its users to define and customize reports to meet their individual requirements. Reports can be created by permissioned users and shared on any scheduling cadence with an unlimited number of stakeholders in a variety of formats (e.g., CSV, PDF). StafferLinkVMS also supports integrations with third party business intelligence platforms like Tableau.

Our Clients & Partners

Healthcare’s most trusted brands depend on StafferLink’s software to manage their flexible workforce.

StafferLinkVMS has enabled our Managed Service Provider (MSP) to thrive; managing one client in the tool or scaling across numerous clients and their underlying facilities, we’ve found StafferLinkVMS to be easy to use and quick to scale our operations and business footprint. Our program teams have confirmed repeatedly how dedicated the Customer Success team is at StafferLinkVMS, and how ongoing calls about system optimization have really helped us define and extend our scope of services as an extension of the tool. It’s been a great partnership, and we look forward to many years to come.”

Senior Vice President,

MSP/Healthcare Staffing Agency

Features & Benefits

StafferLinkVMS offers a highly modularized healthcare-grade VMS which supports requisition-to-invoice processing for healthcare facilities and MSPs in an automated, seamless, timely, and compliant manner

Requisition-to-Check Facility and MSP Solution

Compliant, Reconcilable Invoicing

Open Integration Architecture