StafferLink provides the only healthcare-grade ATS, credentialing, and payroll tech solutions to help you build, manage, and scale your healthcare agency to meet the ever-changing needs of the healthcare marketplace

Rapidly Scale & Integrate

Configure, automate, and scale StafferLinkASM’s complete end-to-end agency solution, from recruitment through billing and payroll for agencies of all sizes

Why StafferLinkASM?

Complete end-to-end Agency Solution

Scales to support recruitment, compliance management, scheduling, payroll, and billing

Centralizing Transparency

ASM centralizes data from multiple branch operations into one central channel of truth from which to report and operate

Seamless per diem and contract management

Configurability and rules-based engine integrations enable near real-time tax adjustments and estimates for compliant daily and contract pay

Features & Benefits

Get Moving and Grow Your Agency Quickly

StafferLinkASM provides the only healthcare-grade ATS with complete end-to-end functionality from recruitment through billing and payrolling to help you build and manage your healthcare agency in an automated and scalable fashion

Talent Pooling

ASM’s Registry functionality enables users to proactively engage with, validate, and manage their talent pool’s contact information, scheduling preferences, education & work history, skills, credentialing, supporting documentation, and many other talent-specific elements

“Our registrants are better prepared and more easily accepted to roles because of ASM’s Registry function. We’ve won, retained, and expanded more business because our talent pool was compliant and ready to go for our clients.”

Director of Operations,
Midwest Healthcare Staffing & Recruiting Agency

Proactive Credentialing

StafferLinkASM’s compliance module provides real-time credentialing integrations and management for the agency. Its self-service portal empowers candidates to curate their profiles by including up-to-date credentials, supporting documentation, availability, and other items to ensure ongoing compliance and alignment.

Client Engagement

StafferLinkASM provides a highly configurable and contextualized user interface (UI) which enables agencies to align with their clients by incorporating an ease of engagement layout, ultimately resulting in greater staffing alignment and business outcomes. Data elements include shift and rate, compliance, purchase orders, credit limits, billing and invoicing preferences, and holiday scheduling; all of which are configurations within the existing UI.

Calibrated Scheduling

StafferLinkASM leverages a highly configurable and interactive scheduling system for per diem, contract, and travel candidates. Matching candidates across various user defined fields like area, skills, qualifications, credentials, and many others with the contract enhances client-to-agency responsiveness and alignment. Real-time automated and auditable communications (Email and text) enlarges the client-to-agency relationship as well.

Time & Payroll

StafferLinkASM provides highly customized pay adjustments, automated timecards, and rules-based tax engine integrations resulting in timely, compliant, fully taxed, and reconcilable invoices and payroll for you and your clients. Modern API and/or file feed integrations to industry leading payroll providers like ADP, Paychex, Paylocity and many others supported by the tool are available. Direct support for paper, EFT, and pay card is available as well.

Seamless Billing & Back Office

StafferLinkASM enables clients to validate and reconcile time and bill in a transparent fashion. Each client’s unique requirements are supported by ASM’s highly tailored, contextualized, and regionalized adjustment calculations, which all support the billing to pay reconciliation process.

Management of Accounts Receivable and Cash Application concludes the full end-to-end support for your agency, and leveraging a General Ledger interface of your choice can make managing and planning for the future easier.

User Defined Reporting & Analytics

StafferLinkASM offers users canned, user defined, and ad hoc reporting based on user role permissions. Create an unlimited number of user defined reports, pulling in defined and user defined fields, and share these reports and information with an unlimited number of stakeholders on any desired cadence in multiple different formats (e.g., CSV, PDF).

Export any number of reports or information to your favorite business intelligence tool (e.g., Tableau) via integration as needed.

Our Clients & Partners

Healthcare’s most trusted brands depend on StafferLink’s software to manage their flexible workforce.

StafferLink helped us establish our agency business, initially, and we’ve scaled nationwide by using it; new regions are quickly consolidated in the tool for reporting and management purposes, and the tool has scaled as we’ve grown into becoming one of the largest healthcare staffing solutions in the US. It’s been great having a technology partner like StafferLink along the way.”

Managing Director,

Leading provider of healthcare staffing solutions

Features & Benefits

StafferLinkASM offers a highly modularized healthcare-grade ATS which supports end-to-end reconciliation of bill-to-pay for healthcare agencies in an automated, seamless, timely, and compliant manner

Full End-to-End Agency Solution

Compliant, Reconcilable Pay and Bill

Open Integration Architecture