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Managing a Healthcare Staffing Agency presents many unique challenges due to the ever changing demands of the healthcare staffing marketplace. StafferLinkASM™ is the latest product in Stafferlink’s evolution of turnkey solutions since 1995 making the company one of the most dedicated and experienced team to meet these demands.

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Scalability & Integration

While medical staffing practices are generally common, our experience has shown us that
our agency clients each operate differently. StafferLinkASM™ has extensive setup features
allowing our clients to tailor the system to fit their own unique style of operation. Most of all,
StafferLinkASM is fully scalable to meet your demands regardless of your agency size and
organization. The system design incorporates enterprise level features for managing
branches, regions and extensive user security while meeting the demands of Sarbanes-Ox-
ley. However, we have not ignored our smaller clients with practical solutions while giving

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Key Points

StafferlinkASM is a complete end to end staffing agency solution handling every agency
process from recruitment, compliance management and scheduling to payroll and billing.
StafferlinkASM™ employs a centralized database model making management of single or
multiple branch operations securely accessible to any or all users regardless of their
location. Staffing per diem (daily) and long term assignments is seamless and can be
coupled with a Travel module providing client managers and recruiters with crucial tools
to be competitive in that space.

24/7/365 secure
web based access

Online Access
from anywhere

no software
to install