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Features & Benefits

How will StafferlinkFSM™ Benefit You?

Cost reduction and control without sacrificing quality delivery of healthcare are the main reasons healthcare delivery organizations
seek automation. StafferlinkFSM™ addresses these concerns on many levels of these organizations including Finance, Human
Resources, Nursing Directors and Managers, Unit supervisors and much more. Consider just a few benefits StafferlinkFSM™ offers to
help healthcare facilities achieve their goals.

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Candidate Profiles

StafferLinkFSM™ refers to healthcare professionals as “registrants” and maintains a profile of each registrant containing skills, credentials etc. The registry is typically populated by staffing vendors with candidates which will ultimately be submitted to the provider’s scheduling needs

Review and qualification of the registry is a facility or MSP function where StafferLinkFSM™ provides tools to review credentials and skills and to activate only qualified personnel. The registry can also be used by providers to manage an internal resource pool should they desire to exploit the system’s capabilities to do so.

Order Management

Scheduling efficiency is achieved with a full featured order placement system. Per Diem, Long Term Contract or Perm Placement orders can be entered by the provider or the MSP/Vendor Manager and automatically released to target agencies according to a predefined distribution schedule. Placing a single order or an entire schedule only takes seconds to accomplish and replaces the need to place repetitive phone calls or send faxes and emails.

Time and Attendance

Looking beyond all of the qualifying and scheduling of staff, the next logical step towards complete automation is capturing time and attendance. Facilities can utilize the timecard module in several ways from review of paper timecards to full integration of a time keeping system. The time consuming process of reviewing agency invoices is replaced by a much more accurate, efficient, and timely approval and payment process. StafferlinkFSM™ also integrates with on premise time keeping systems such as Kronos and ADP eTime™.


The final phase of end to end VMS practices is the production of invoices, a process commonly known as “reverse invoicing”. In typical MSP/facility relationships, the facility demands a consolidated invoice. StafferlinkFSM™ streamlines the invoicing process by gathering the approved timecards and presenting them on an invoice tailored to the facility’s desired format. StafferlinkFSM™ further extends the automation with tools to assist the payment of agencies or sub-vendors once facilities have paid invoices.

Performance Evaluations

Customizable performance evaluations are another differentiating feature of StafferlinkFSM™. Facilities create their own custom tailored questionnaires and an automated schedule delivers them for on line completion. Facilities who have implemented these evaluations have dramatically increased their responses and improved the awareness of quality contingent workers.

Internal Resource Pool

In some instances, providers choose to augment their supplemental staffing requirements with their own internal float pool. StafferLinkFSM™ provides features to seamlessly manage and integrate these valuable resources and includes some self-service and notification capabilities for the pool personnel.

User Defined Reporting

Reporting capabilities are extensive yet practical with features that provide critical information to everyone from the staffing coordinator to senior management. Realizing that reporting requirements are so diversified, StafferlinkFSM™ allows its users to define and tailor reports to meet their individual requirements.

A Break Down Of Our Features & Benefits

StafferlinkFSM™ includes an extensive list of features delivered through a powerful and intuitive user interface. Realizing that no two implementations are exactly alike, the system can be tailored to fit any organization’s structure and requirements while utilizing the features that best fit within their day to day staffing operation.