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Features & Benefits

How will StafferlinkASM™ Benefit You?

Being competitive and profitable in healthcare contingency staffing requires streamlined processes backed by automation for proactive manage-
ment and rapid response. From recruitment and compliance management to order fulfillment, timekeeping and payroll, billing and accounting,
StafferlinkASM™ provides all the necessary tools to deliver high quality professionals and services to clients. Users benefit from a practical and
intuitive interface to become highly proficient and productive at a very fast pace. Integrations with strategic industry partners extend the
system’s capabilities making StafferlinkASM™ a complete and essential tool for your agency.

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Recognizing that StafferlinkASM™ will be used to staff a broad range of job disciplines, the system uses the term “Registrants” when referring to healthcare professionals. This online registry provides robust tools to manage demographics and contact information, scheduling preferences, education and work history, specialties and skills, credentialing with supporting documents, scheduling availability, payroll and much more. An integrated and customizable Online Application Module can be linked to your existing web site and provides the ability to capture those important details for recruitment and applicant tracking.

StafferlinkASM™’s compliance management features are arguably the best in the industry. Integration with Prophecy (a Relias Company) is included along with proactive monitoring, reporting, and reminders for expiring credentials keeping your most important resources available for scheduling.

A self-service Registrant Portal can be utilized to provide Registrant to access items such as credentials with supporting documents images, scheduling availability, work history, time and attendance data and payroll information.


The diversity and demands of Healthcare Providers is astounding. StafferlinkASM™ provides a highly configurable platform to allow agencies to custom tailor their system to respond to each client’s individual needs and requirements including, but not limited, to shift times and rates, compliance requirements, purchase orders, credit limits, billing and invoicing preferences, and recognized holidays.

As with the Registry, Clients also have a portal which provides them with access to items such Registrant credentials, work history, scheduling, time and attendance and invoice data.


StafferlinkASM™ utilizes a highly responsive and interactive scheduling system encompassing daily and long term contract assignments. Easily navigate through scheduling orders with high visibility of priority, profit margins, and all the tools schedulers need to efficiently match Registrants to orders. Quality assurance is maintained through insured credential compliance and oversite of double booking assignments. Communication is key in this fast paces and highly competitive marketplace. StafferlinkASM™ systematically uses email and text notification keeping everyone informed of scheduling events.

Does your agency work in the Travel marketplace? If so, you can take advantage of an optional Travel module which provides client managers and recruiters with highly effective tools for order rate management, price/profit calculation, and candidate submission management.

Timecards and Payroll

Scheduled orders seamlessly transition to timecards for approval, adjustment of actual time worked and creating payroll. Timecard images can be easily attached and passed on to invoices to provide your clients with the details they need to easily reconcile your invoices.

Take advantage of StafferlinkASM™’s fully integrated payroll capabilities providing fully taxed daily checks or utilize one of several integrations with payroll providers such as ADP, Paychex, Paylocity, Benefit Mall. Don’t see your provider listed? Ask us about custom integration development. While using the traditional printed paycheck is available, for ease of delivery of pay to your employees, you can choose Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) with your bank, or our integration with ADP’s Global Cash Card.

With the ever growing popularity of states requiring paid leave, StafferlinkASM™ includes a module to help you track eligibility, accrual, and reimbursement of paid leave

Billing and Back Office

The same timecards used for payroll are also used to bill your clients. Verification of timecards is simple and intuitive insuring your clients receive accurate invoices. A rules based invoice creation system allows you to custom tailor your invoice process to each client’s individual and unique requirements.

Management of Accounts Receivable and Cash Application completes a full end to end accounting strategy for your agency. Combine all of these powerful accounting features with an interface to a General Ledger of your choice and make managing your financials simple and reliable.

User Defined Reporting/Exporting

Reporting capabilities are extensive yet practical providing critical information to everyone in your organization. Utilizing the system’s advanced search and data filtering capabilities, users can customize the specific data they want to view. A user defined report template strategy allows these system views to be saved with the report for repeated use which provides a powerful tool for data analysis. StafferlinkASM™ also includes CSV export capabilities putting information within reach for the most demanding and personalized reporting.

A Break Down Of Our Features & Benefits

Healthcare staffing agencies who use StafferLinkASM™ often cite time savings, cost reduction, and automation of daily challenges with increased control as their primary benefits from our newest staffing software solution. At the core of StafferlinkASM™ is the marketplace’s leading internet-based system for medical staffing agencies, but the benefits of StafferlinkASM™ don’t stop there! StafferlinkASM™ creates a complete profile for every employee and contractor and matches their unique credentials, specialties, and skills with the specific needs of client healthcare facilities. Additionally, StafferlinkASM™ provides highly intuitive features that make payroll, invoicing, and accounting much easier.